Cell Phone, Smart Phone and PDA Support

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The growing use of cell phones – including smart phones – and PDAs by College employees and students has produced more frequent help requests for ITS support of these devices. To address the increased number of requests, ITS announces the following policy regarding support for these devices.

ITS will assist employees in registering the device and connecting it to the Centre College wireless network, assuming

  1. The unit is a Centre-approved device used in the conduct of official College business (i.e. one of the following: the basic phone provided under our contract arrangement with AT&T, Blackberry, Palm Treo, or iPhone)
  2. The device is in good working order (ITS is not authorized to perform maintenance or repair on devices that have a vendor service contract)
  3. Furthermore, the ITS staff has had some success in connecting Windows Mobile and Microsoft ActiveSync devices. Support for these devices is available upon request.

All other devices are classified officially as non-supported. However, ITS will attempt to provide configuration information about the Centre College network environment to any campus community member upon request.

  • If the device has wireless-networking capability (is WiFi enabled), and is not considered a security risk to the network, ITS will register the device with the Campus Registration System so that it may connect to the College’s wireless network.
  • ITS will provide the necessary information regarding servers and settings which will allow the device connect to email, calendar, etc.

Note: due to the many different operating systems and software packages now available, the department cannot guarantee successful connection.