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This document should provide an up to date listing of settings for connecting to Centre's Exchange server through the IMAP protocol, which is a standard supported by nearly all email applications and internet devices.

While ITS cannot be expected to know the ins and outs of each application and device connecting to our servers, we provide this information to help you configure your own devices.


Connection Info

Understand that no two email client programs are setup the same way. That said, here is the basic information you will need to setup the software.

Microsoft Outlook Settings

If you are configuring Microsoft Outlook to connect to Centre's email system, use the following settings:

  • Your Name: Your full name
  • Email Address: Your Centre address
  • Incoming Server Type: Exchange
  • Incoming Server Address:
  • Mailbox: firstname.lastname

Other Email Clients

Use this section to configure other email clients. This includes Outlook Express, Apple Mail and Thunderbird.

Incoming Mail Settings

  • Your Name: Your full name
  • Email Address: Your Centre address
  • Incoming Server Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Server Address:
  • Incoming Username: firstname.lastname
  • IMAP Server Port: 143
  • Use secure connection: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal Password

Outgoing Mail Settings

Depending on the software/device you're setting up, you'll want to use different settings.

Centre Network Devices (Office/Dorm Desktops)

  • Outgoing Server Address:
  • Outgoing Username:
  • Use secure connection: No
  • Use authentication: Yes
  • SMTP Server Port: 25

External Network Devices (Smart Phones, Mobile Computers, Home Computers) Depending on your software you may be able to use Centre's SMTP server with authentication with the following settings. In our testing, Apple Mail is unable to send off-campus email.

  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Use authentication: Yes
  • SMTP Username: firstname.lastname
  • SMTP Password: yourpassword
  • Domain: centre
  • SMTP Use SSL: Yes
  • SMTP Port: 587