Guidelines for the Use of College Master Keys by Third-party Vendors

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From time to time it is necessary for vendors who, in the course of work they are performing at the direction of Centre College, require access to secure locations after normal working hours. Access to these spaces can be accommodated by temporarily issuing an appropriate master key to a trusted representative of the vendor. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for issuing master keys under these circumstances and to identify the documentation required to track such activity.

General Information

Offices which generally find a need for vendor activity to occur after normal working hours are the Center for Teaching and Learning, Information Technology Services, the Library, and Facilities Management. These guidelines have been formulated by the managers of these offices and will apply initially only to the offices here mentioned.

Each office will identify by vendor name those businesses with whom the College will extend the courtesy of checking out master keys. Where possible, an individual will also be named as the vendor’s primary representative. Vendor and individuals’ names are to be updated upon any change of status, and the list is to be reviewed every three months.

Designated individuals of approved vendors identified on the aforementioned list may be issued the appropriate master key when necessary. The individual will sign for the key on the pre-printed log sheet. The campus office issuing the master key must authenticate the individual and acknowledge on the key checkout log an appropriate description of the key in question, noting the date and time of the issue, along with the individual’s name and the name of the vendor. Each checkout will be for a specified period not to exceed one calendar week, at which time the key must be physically returned to the checkout office, at which time

i. the checkout may be renewed for an additional specified period of time as stated above or

ii. the key is to be replaced in its normal secure location.

Any key that has not been renewed or returned within the specified period will be considered lost and the vendor will be notified. The vendor will then be expected to return the key immediately. Vendors will be held fully accountable for all expenses incurred in replacing master keys and the rekeying of facilities whose security is jeopardized by the lost key(s).

A copy of the checkout log will be made available to the Department of Public Safety upon written request from a DPS co-Director. Public Safety remains the office with primary responsibility for the security of campus facilities and its constituents. CTL, ITS, the Library, and Facilities Management will provide assistance as necessary in the resolution of all security-related issues associated with these guidelines.