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We are pleased to let you know about some cost savings opportunities if you have a need to buy software, computers, or other AV and computer-related hardware. NOTE: Centre College does not endorse any particular company or vendor.


You can save hundreds of dollars on the professional versions of various Microsoft and Adobe software programs and suites by taking advantage of employee and student discounts provided through our a third-party resellers.

To get started you will need to create an account with them and prove that you work at Centre, if you want the deeper discounts that are only available under faculty/staff programs. For more information about how to create an account, or send this proof of eligibility, click here.

Remember to save any emails received from the online retailers as they will provide the link to download the software, along with license keys that might be needed to reinstall at a later date.

Note: All transactions will be handled by the 3rd party, Centre College ITS cannot assist in any claims or disputes regarding your purchase.

Microsoft and Adobe Software (sold through a 3rd party reseller):


Other Software Academic Discount Websites:


Hardware (Computer and AV Related Purchases)

CDW-G: This online reseller of hardware, software, and electronics has extended its KY Association of Education Coop discount to Centre faculty, staff, and students. To take advantage of their discounts (or to see if they’re competitive with other companies), go to http://www.cdwg.com and click Higher Education on the left. Then select, “Kentucky”, then “KY Assn Ed Coop Tech K-12”.

Dell: Dell offers academic pricing to faculty, staff, and students. There are actually two methods of recieving discounts from Dell:

Dell University: You can go to http://www.delluniversity.com and enter your location information to see what specials they’re offering to Centre employees and students. You can also call a Dell Educational Sales Rep at 1.888.973.3355 if you want help. Note: compare these prices with Dell’s regular prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Sometimes they run consumer-grade equipment specials at rates lower than what is on the Dell University site. The parts inside the two computers may not be the same, however.
Dell Employee Purchase Program: Dell also has an employee purchase program that lets you use a special code to get discounts. As with Dell University these may be consumer-grade products and you might find better deals running on the normal site so be sure to compare before placing your order. In order to use the Dell EPP, go to: http://www.dell.com/content/segmenter.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=eep&cs=_eep. You will be required to enter Centre's member number which is provided yearly via a Technology Tip or you can contact us at helpdesk@centre.edu to request it (unfortunately we cannot provide it here as non-college entities would have access to our number).

Apple: also offers academic pricing to faculty, staff, and students once a year at a deeper discount than usual. Make sure you’re shopping online in the “Apple Store for Education,” rather than the store for the public. You will need to indicate via their website that you are in Danville, KY to see Centre listed. Below are the restrictions in quantities you are allowed per year.

http://store.apple.com/us-hed/findyourschool. For more information, you can also call Apple Education at 1-800-MY-APPLE

Desktop: One (1) may be purchased per academic year
Mac mini: One (1) may be purchased per academic year
Notebook: One (1) may be purchased per academic year
Display: A maximum of two (2) may be purchased per academic year
Software: A maximum of two (2) per software title may be purchased per academic year
Apple TV: There is no limit on the quantity of Apple TV purchases per academic year
iPod: There is no limit on the quantity of iPod purchases per academic year