IOS Device Email Settings for Faculty/Staff only

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If you're looking for information on registering your iOS device with Centre's Wifi service, we have another page setup at Connecting your iPhone to Centre's WiFi Network.

All iOS devices (iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads) support Centre's Exchange environment for centralized email, contacts and calendaring. Follow the steps below to set up your device.

Setting up your Centre email on an Apple mobile device

Step 1: Access the settings application
from the iPhone home screen.

Step 2: Choose the Mail, Contacts and Calendars option from the settings list.

Step 3: From the accounts listing screen, touch the Add Account item. IPhoneStep2.PNG
Step 4: From the available account types, choose Microsoft Exchange. IPhoneStep3.PNG
Step 5: Fill in your account details in the text boxes:
  • Email:
  • Domain: centre
  • User: firstname.lastname
  • Password: Your password
  • Description: Use a friendly name, like Centre Email.

Once you're finished, touch Next in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 6: We've noticed some users are seeing a certificate error like the one in the screenshot. If you see this error, simply touch Accept. IPhoneStep5.PNG
Step 7: After your account details are confirmed, you will need to type in the server name in the box that appears.
  • Server:
Step 8: If you see this screen, you've gotten everything setup properly.

Now, you'll need to choose which functions of your device you'd like to sync with the server. If you're only interested in the receiving Centre Mail on your phone, simply leave on the Mail option turned on. Otherwise, you might want to enable Calendar and Contact syncing.

Either way, decide what works best for you and choose Save.