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ITS Mission Statement

Our mission: ITS is the Department of Information Technology Services and serves the Centre campus community in:

• providing administrative and academic server systems and support for all online services
• providing and managing campus-wide wired and wireless networks
• providing telephone services and support to the campus community
• providing excellent support to our campus community (students, faculty & staff)
• training and supporting campus technology users
• leading the College in the overall planning for technology development at Centre College
• Our goal is to ensure that students, staff, and faculty have access to the best technologies available and can use technology to make their daily work more efficient and productive at Centre College.
Departmental Goals 1. Establish and maintain a reliable and dependable network infrastructure which includes a high-speed backbone with appropriate secondary cabling, robust server structures, a minimum baseline level of hardware for users, and appropriate security to support the educational and administration functions of the College. 2. Identify and implement – in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning – the facilities and applications required to enhance the instructional program by using the tools of information technology. 3. Coordinate the interoperability of the administrative information systems and their various support processes. 4. Create an appropriate technology setting in the residence halls that supports full access by students to the College's academic and administrative services as well as legitimate and reasonable recreational activities. 5. Provide generalized user support services and training to enable campus constituents to engage in their day-to-day activity involving technology, both the dependability of the hardware and the functionality of the software. 6. Enact a planned program of College technology initiatives that are the result of the strategic planning process.