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Events that jeopardize the security and privacy of institutional and personal data will occur, in spite of the most vigilant efforts to minimize their occurrence. Information Technology Services responds to and investigates incidents related to misuse or abuse of Centre College information and information technology resources, regardless of the campus or unit involved. This includes computer and network security breaches and unauthorized disclosure or modification of institutional or personal information. The role of the ITS is to coordinate a consistent and effective response to such events. Each member of the College community should be watchful and prepared to report incidents.

Reporting incidents involving sensitive data

In the event of an incident concerning the possible exposure or loss of sensitive institutional or personal data, you must take immediate action to report the incident to ITS as soon as the incident is suspected.

Reporting other types of suspected incidents

For incidents involving threats to personal safety or physical property, or illegal activities, immediately contact campus Public Safety department. For non-emergency reports of information and information technology security or abuse incidents, send email to