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What are email lists? Email lists are a way to email large groups on campus. Centre provides lists for large groups like student, faculty and staff as well as smaller student organizations like clubs and Greek organizations. Members are added to the lists automatically by our system and the moderators of a list can add additional members to the list. For example there may be a staff for faculty member that wants to be a member of the badminton club email list but isn't an official member of the club. If the moderator feels its appropriate they can add them to the list. Our list addresses take the form of <listname>@lists.centre.edu.

How do I email one of the list? You need to know the name of the lists list "students" and add @lists.centre.edu. For example students<at>lists.centre.edu. In this case I used <at> instead of the @ symbol to cut down on SPAM.

How do I add someone to a list?
How do I remove someone from the list?
How do I moderate one of the lists?