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Procedure: Processing Requests for Modifications to the Jenzabar-CX Enterprise Resources Production System

One advantageous feature of the Jenzabar-CX ERP environment is the ability to modify system components to enrich the processing, querying, and reporting capabilities afforded to users. The Revision Control System (RCS) incorporated into the software application, which sits atop the Informix database engine, permits changes to be tracked and associated with an individual who completes the customization.

Centre has a long history of using this feature and continues to encourage user constituents to make reasonable requests that facilitate improved office use of the application. In order to process these requests in a timely and consistent manner, the procedure outlined below will be implemented effective December 1, 2007.

Step 1: The form “Jenzabar Changes Tracking Form” will be completed jointly by the supervisor, or her/his designate, of the office making the modification request and a member of the ITS staff who supports the administrative database environment. A blank copy of the form is attached.

Step 2: A member of the ITS CX support staff will be assigned to the request and serve as the ITS liaison on the project. S/he will oversee the development, testing, and implementation of the modification. As part of the development strategy, this individual will refine the initial request, noting the specifications and determining the exact location within the CX file/menu structure that is appropriate.

Step 3: The ITS staff liaison will enact the programming necessary to implement the request. Regular updates shall be provided to the Administrative Database Services Coordinator.

Step 4: All modifications are to be completely tested as part of the project’s development. This testing should involve members of the requesting office to ensure that the specifications accurately reflect the request, and that the solution being proposed delivers the needed functionality.

Step 5: Once testing is complete, the ITS liaison will install the modification into the Jenzabar-CX system and properly annotate the change as part of the RCS check-in and installation procedures. The supervisor, or appropriate designate, of the requesting office shall confirm that all specifications have been met and that testing is complete. A section of the form requires a signature to affirm this final approval.

Step 6: The completed form shall remain on file in the ITS Office, with a copy to the requesting office, if requested.