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The College maintains a campus computing network which provides a number of computers with access to electronic mail, the library automation system, the Microsoft Office suite, statistical analysis packages, and several programming language environments. Students also have access to the Internet through the campus network.

For information on how to register your computer for Centre's network, click here.

General Policy

In addition to the computers available to students in classrooms, laboratories, and computer cluster areas, students may connect their personally-owned computers to network ports in residence hall rooms. All Centre dorm rooms have one network port per student, with the exception of some special housing buildings that are only equipped for wireless connections. Please see the Wireless Networking Policy for a current list of wireless-only dorms.

The College will maintain and certify the readiness and functionality of each existing network port. The College will provide basic configuration software that can be used to access the network, along with detailed on-line installation instructions which may be be accessed and printed from a lab by following the Documentation link at Also, for those students who wish to get help connecting to the campus network, ITS will provide assistance in the form of PC Fairs, individual help from ITS staff, as well as help from the Student Technology Assistants who are the primary help providers for students.

As a general rule, ITS will ensure that a normally functional student-owned computer will connect to the campus network. Each computer must meet the minimum hardware and software recommendations to connect to the network. Additionally, those students who live in wireless-only dorms must purchase wireless cards, either through ITS or on thier own, before they can connect to the Campus Network.

Students may elect not to connect to the College's network and simply use their own stand-alone computer hardware and software. Every student is provided a network account with e-mail, regardless of her/his decision to connect to the network with a personally-owned computer.

Hardware Recommendations

ITS recommends that every computer connected to the network be running Windows XP (Home or Professional), Windows Vista or MacOS X. Computers running Windows 2000 (or earlier) or Mac OS 9.x may work with the network, but ITS cannot ensure that all network functionality will be available to that computer.

ITS does not give brand recommendations for students wishing to purchase a new computer. Any machines purchased within the past three years in most cases will fit your needs. Keep in mind when buying a new computer, ITS recommends a THREE YEAR WARRANTY minimum. Our network and most services interact well with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

General Hardware Specifications:

Note: These are NOT minimum specs, but average specs. Computers with specs below these listed should still work with the network.

  • Processor Speed: Dual Core or better processor
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 120GB
  • Optical Drive: CD-RW/DVD-Rom
  • Internal Wireless and Wired Network Capabilities

97% of students provide their own computer for use here while at the College, the majority of which are laptop computers. Any laptop computer bought within the past four or five years most likely has built-in wireless and wired network capabilities. If you bring a computer that does not have either, you can purchase the hardware from ITS at cost. The College will also provide suitable cables for connecting the network card in the computer to the residence hall network jack at a nominal cost.

Student Help Desk

ITS provides students with a Help Desk located in McReynolds Hall in order to support general software problems with their computers. Students can walk-in during regular Help Desk hours (8am-5pm M-F) to ask questions, drop off computers, and get help. ITS Student Workers can help relieve your computer of virus and spyware woes, or other odd problems you might be experiencing.

We DO NOT provide support for hardware problems, such as hard drives, monitors, keyboards, etc. We also DO NOT reinstall Windows or Mac OS X for students' whose operating systems need repair. If you are not sure though, please bring your computer by and we'll do our best to diagnose the problem for you and help you decide what to do next. Most often these problems can be fixed over the phone with tech support from the manufacturer of your computer. This is where your three-year (or better) warranty is absolutely critical.

The College is not responsible for repair of hardware (CPU, keyboard, monitor, memory, drives, etc.) failure of student computers. Therefore it is important to fully understand any warranties that come with the purchase of a new computer.

Student Network Printing Policy For information about student printing, please see the Network Printing Policy.