Retrieving my email and files when I leave employment at Centre?

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When will my account expire?

Your account will remain in place for 30 days after your termination date. If you are a faculty member leaving at the end of the spring term your termination date will be at the end of the summer, giving you additional time to transition to a new position.

Can I forward my email?

No, but if you use Gmail you can have it pull your email from your Centre account into your Gmail by following these instructions: Setting up Gmail to pull your faculty/staff email

Other free webmail services may work similarly.

How can I notify people that I will no longer be using this account?

People often set up their "Out of Office" notice they will no longer be using their Centre account and to provide the email address where they can be reached. Be aware, this will only work until your account has been removed from the system. You can find instructions for setting up your “Out of Office” notices by following these instructions: Setting my Out of Office notification

How can I retrieve my files from the server if I'm not on campus?

You can go to CentreNet and click on the FileCentre Web Access icon or go directly to and download the files in your server space. Click on "home", this will be your home directory (U: drive). Then select the folders and files you want to download and save.