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This document will serve to identify the general principles of technology support available to the Sodexo staff. Most Sodexo staff members are located in Cowan, but there is an office located on the second floor of Carnegie that also serves as space for Sodexo employees, as well as POS in the Warehouse and the Hall of Fame Cafe. The purpose of this document is to clarify issues involving the provision of computing/printing availability, network (including the Internet) and software application access, telephone service, and technology support (including swipe card readers, POS, etc).


Sodexo-provided Services and Support

Sodexo provides each of it's office staff and the head chef a computer workstation. Sodexo provides all hardware and software necessary for this computer to be connected to the Internet through the Centre Network. Each machine is purchased and set up by Sodexo. Sodexo also provides support for these machines. If anything goes wrong with these computers, that is specifically at the fault of the machine itself will be fixed by Sodexo representatives either in person or remotely from their offices. This includes, but is not limited to, Viruses, Adware, Spyware, Software installation, Software upgrades, Hardware replacements, and anything else related to the workstation (monitor included).

CBORD-provided Services and Support

CBORD, by contract with Centre College, provides all hardware, software, and support for any POS systems on campus, as well as all card-swiping stations, interface boxes, and cabling too and from these devices and any POS systems. CBORD support will be notified when these problems arise and CBORD will talk directly with Sodexo staff members in order to resolve these concerns quickly and easily.

IKON-provided Services and Support

IKON provides one network printer and copier for the office staff of Sodexo, located in Cowan. Any problems relating to this printer, hardware or software, as well as any maintenance fees (including toner), will be taken care of at the cost of IKON.

Centre College ITS-provided Services and Support

Centre College ITS provides an active network connection to any and all devices that require access to the Internet. This includes but is not limited to all POS systems, IKON printers, office staff computers, and any card-swipe readers. Centre College will also provide telephones for each office staff member as needed. These IP phones will be connected to our network and will be supported (all hardware and software) by Centre College, at the cost of Centre College.

Support Structure and Procedures

As problems arise for Sodexo staff, the call should first be diagnosed to make sure the correct support group is contacted. In most cases, a Sodexo staff member can tell the problem is with a specific device, and the provider of said device should be contacted for support. Under emergency circumstances, or occasional holiday hours, Sodexo staff can request the help of ITS (as time permits) to help diagnose and troubleshoot a problem. Occasionally, basic problems can be fixed by ITS quickly and locally, but the problem should first be discussed with the Sodexo office manager before a helpdesk call is entered.

ITS reserves the right to make a judgement call in some cases and request that Sodexo staff members talk directly to the responsible party for a support call when needed. ITS is NOT responsible to contact any support vendors for Sodexo-related problems, but can and will when necessary.