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Registering your computer on the network

Centre College uses a simple network registration system that checks to make sure all computers have up-to-date software and are devoid of viruses and other malware to protect from a mass infection across campus. Registration is simple, however there a few steps to follow before you can access the network or Internet. The network registration page is found at online.

  1. If using the wireless network, connect to “Centre”. If using a wired connection you need only plug into the network port in your room.
    1. Note: Until your computer is registered, all websites will be redirected to the registration site with the exception of Windows/Mac updates and antivirus applications.
  2. Ensure your computer’s operating system has all its updates.
    1. For Mac OS X computers run the System Updater and complete all updates and reboot.
    2. For Windows XP computers open Internet Explorer and go to and perform all “Critical Updates” that are shown and reboot.
    3. For Windows Vista/7 open the start menu and in the search field type in “Windows Updates”. Complete all available “Critical Updates” and reboot.
    4. For Linux/Unix there is no means of automatic registration. Skip to the section If you have any issues registering. We still recommend installing all available updates on your machine to ensure security and stability.
  3. Some updates for both systems rely on others to be installed first. After rebooting, repeat step 2 until the update method reports that no new updates are available.
  4. Windows users need to ensure they have some form of Anti-Virus protection installed.
    1. Centre College accepts Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, McAfee, AVG, Sophos, and several others.
    2. If you do not have antivirus, or are unsure, Centre College ITS recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. This can be downloaded via Windows Update. Additionally AVG offers a free version of their AV suite at
  5. Once steps 1 through 3 are complete you can attempt registration. When you open your web browser you will be redirected to the registration site. Enter your username and password provided for network access (logging into the labs or your Centre email) then click the download button. If your computer asks you to save or run the application, click on run; otherwise once the download is completed run the file.
    1. A “dissolvable agent” will install itself on your computer and scan to make sure you meet our policies. Once the scan is completed it will automatically remove itself.
  6. If your computer passes the scan you will be informed and told to reboot your computer. After you reboot you will be able to access the network and internet normally. If it fails it will direct you as to the cause so you can attempt to correct the issue and try again. There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt a registration.

Smartphones and other portable devices

Our registration system should identify that you have an iOS Device, Apple/Google TV, Kindle, or other smart device. Once you fill out the form it will automatically register.

Note for game consoles

If you have a game console (Xbox, PS3, of Wii, etc), you can register these devices through a form on the ITS website. On your computer go to and look for the link about registering your game console. You will need to provide your console’s MAC address. You will also find a link on the helpdesk site about how to locate this address if you are unsure. Once you fill out the form you should be able to connect your device to the network after a reboot.

If you have any issues registering

  • A computer, ITS will provide basic troubleshooting. Please bring your system and and power cord to the ITS offices in McReynolds Hall during normal business hours. Computers will be addressed in the order they are received. As a diagnosis can take some time (sometime up to several days), we recommend you attempt to register the device yourself before bring it to ITS to minimize the time you are without your computer.
  • A smartphone, portable device, or game console, please open a helpdesk ticket at and provide what the device is as well as the device's MAC/Physical address. This is a string of 12 alphanumeric characters, similar to 01:23:45:67:89:ab. The location of this information on each device is different; some will report this in a settings menu and others may have it printed on a label on the device. If you are unsure of where to locate it, often times a simple Google search for "<device name> MAC address" (where <device name> is the type of device you own) will provide its location. Once provided with this information we will be able to assist you in the registration process.

Once again, the network registration page is found at online.