Wireless Networking Policy

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Information Technology Services (ITS) currently provides wireless Internet connectivity all locations on the Centre campus

A few residential buildings are wireless only; 129 5th St., 125 5th St., 123 5th St., 125 St. Mildred's Ct., Rhodes House, 322 College St., 518 Grant St., 519 Grant St.

In order to maintain a minimum level of security of the and to minimize these risks, the following guidelines have been developed cooperatively by ITS and Student Congress.

  • Students residing on campus MAY NOT operate a personally-owned access point. This restriction will eliminate interference of competing signals and maintain a better working environment for students.

Additionally student and employees are required to register any devices on the campus network. Instructions for the process can be found here.

Guests of the college may request a guest access card from ITS, Athletics, Student Life Office, or the President's Office and connect to the 'Guest' Network.

To ensure safety to the students and the college, ITS will monitor all wireless access points and make security changes when necessary. If you have questions about any aspect of this policy, please contact ITS (x5575) / helpdesk@centre.edu.